Our book, 12 Tasks: Creating a Rite of Passage, is beginning to have an impact on families. Here’s a testimonial from our friend Gaylene DeMars from Fresno, California.

“I picked up one of your 12 tasks books and shared it with a family at church that has an 11-year-old.  

I was soon invited to a launching party.  

“They presented her with a scrapbook which had several of her tasks laid out for her, with more to come.

The short list includes an orientation to the car by one Grandpa.  This includes simple procedures and a beginner tool set.

“Another unit was learning to drive a golf cart with the other Grandpa.  Then Grandma will be doing a sewing unit with her this summer.  

“I am also on the list for a Bible study this summer.  They are all very excited!”

We hope others will buy a copy of  our 12 Tasks book and share it with families in their churches!