Tim Elmore notes that our upcoming generations are being impacted by social media in three key ways. They don’t trust leaders, they see life as unfair, and they feel out of control.

One of the benefits of 12 Tasks is that your parental investment and involvement can bring clarity and confidence to your young one as they face the realities of the world around them. When social media is the only voice carrying the weight of reality than it isn’t surprising that truth is skewed. The more we hear an idea repeated the more it seems to be the only option to accept.

The lack of trust for leaders stems from the numerous news stories about the abuse of power in politics, in business, in religion and in sports. The information covers things like unjust pay gaps between leaders and workers, sexual misconduct by religious, media and sports figures, police brutality, unpunished executives and unfair judicial sentencing. Youth feel helpless to change any of this. If you can link your child up to trustworthy leaders (coaches, pastors and friends) you can reorient their thinking toward a positive outlook on the future.

Another issue your son or daughter may have to deal with is the unfairness of life. Our current cancel culture with its focus on intersectionality, the movements like MeToo, BlackLIvesMatter and other groups focused on achieving rights for minorities, the rhetoric around the LGBTQ+ tsunami all create a skepticism as to whether adults really know how to deal with injustice and equality for all. They hear what we have in writing and they see a difference in the lives of their school mates and social media influencers. How do you have confidence in the narrow views of your own family when teachers and others are painting a different picture than what you’ve known?

The third issue is about finding your place of identity and control in life. With ugly political rhetoric flooding the air waves, with elderly spokespersons maintaining an iron grip on power and with senior leaders refusing to mentor in order not to lose control, up and coming leaders are unsure there will be a place for them to have a say. Parents can use the 12 Tasks to help your young one to gain confidence in the choices, the decisions and the efforts they make. The time to impact your son or daughter is now.

Your example of welcoming your son or daughter into relationships that are life-giving, empowering, and affirming can make a difference for the long haul. 12 Tasks can help provide guidance today so that your youth can make a difference in the days to come. Reach out and take this journey with a few others and you’ll see what a change can happen not only in your own family but in your community.